The Incredible Ordinary Hero or The Brave Bystander

In 2015, when I was in my last year of specialisation in medicine, I spent almost my entire summer baby-sitting my nephews. Amongst all the mess, tantrums and sticky fingers (ugh…and there was a lot of each!), we had time to talk about helping each other, caring one for the other and of course… medicine.

Soon I realised that, beside playing and different activities, my niece and nephew desired stories as part of the learning process. That is how the series The Incredible Ordinary Hero or The Brave Bystander was born. The two main characters Emma and Danny are based on my niece Cristina and my nephew Daniel.

Cristina is just about the most kind and competitive girl you could ever meet… until Daniel her very smart, but sometimes grumpy, little cousin, shows up. What could go wrong when you have those two together?