Who doesn’t like to be loved and hugged? The desire to be loved is deeply embedded in the heart of every one of us. Which is why it is not surprising the impressive amount of art revolving around love and friendship. However, friendship is an inexhaustible subject and can always be discovered in different forms, especially in children’s books. 

Hug Me Look Inside

Hug me by Simona Ciraolo is a touching story about a baby cactus, born in a family of cactuses where hugs are absent and affection is, well, scarce as you would probably expect from thorny cactuses. Longing after being loved and having someone to love, the baby cactus gets excited about a balloon, but soon understands that he can hurt others with his thorns. He isolates himself, for fear of hurting others, until he founds someone: the friendship that is set between him and a rock is meant to last!

Hug me feels lonely

The text is very simple, minimal, but succeds to immediatly attract the reader into the story.

hug me rejected

The illustrations are simply adorable, heartwarming! Using colored pencils, Simona Ciraolo manages to put magic into the illustrations.

Hug me

In one of our weekly journeys to the library, looking for treasure on bookshelves, Hug me was love at first sight.

Age Range: 3 – 7 years
Language: English
32 pages
Publisher: Flying Eye Books
Year: 2014