A picture book as a travel diary? How to make an apple pie and see the world by Marjorie Priceman is the answer. It’s a story about a girl who wants to bake an apple pie but realizes she does not have the ingredients. Instead of giving up on the idea at the first hurdle (the market was closed), the protagonist sets off a journey around the world to gather the necessary ingredients, and one by one she visits different countries.

Set in the ‘20s, the charm of the story is in how the protagonist chooses the ingredients (e.g., the chicken rather than the egg, the cow and not the milk etc.). The story is slowly turning into a mystery. “What will be the next ingredient?” or “Where will she travel next?” are just few questions that pop up spontaneously in the mind of the reader, making it irresistible to turn the page to find out. The twist on the last page is what transforms this book from a great to an exceptional one!

The text is melodic, easy to read, ironic in some places. The humor is subtle and delightful. We read it over and over again and it doesn’t get boring!

The illustrations are extraordinary, colourful, detailed. Details of the time and place (the Italian city, the French railway station, the cruise ship), all the particularities (the dresses of the characters, the hairstyle etc.) denote a special care of the illustrator in order to respect the ambiance.

We hardly wait to get the other books of Marjorie Priceman.


Language: English
Pages: 40
Publisher: Dragonfly Books
Year: 2014